Hexanoic Acid
  Ethyl hexanoate
  Heptanoic Acid
  2-Amino benzoic acid
  Methyl anthranilate
  3,5-Dichloro benzoic acid
  2-Amino-2'-methyldiphenyl ether
  4-Chloro-2-aminodiphenyl ether
  4-aminodiphenyl ether
  1,5-Dihydroxy naphthalene
  Methyl 3-mercaptopropionate
  We believe that the excellent product should include the following two elements at least. First, they should be qualified to meet the requirements. However, New Sunlion Chemical is in search of the stability besides the qualification, which includes the stability of quality activities in the production as well as the product's quality of batch to batch.

As an ISO 9001 certificated company, we have successfully established and performed the quality management system. The quality examination of the materials, the quality superintendence of the semi finished products, the quality control of the finished products, and the scientific examination system all give service to the production to assure the 100%product qualification rate. New Sunlion Chemica has also established the standard operation procedure and performance evaluation system to make sure that the operation is qualified and stable.
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